site.btaVazrazhdane Aims to Run Country on Its Own, Leader Says

Vazrazhdane Aims to Run Country on Its Own, Leader Says
Vazrazhdane Aims to Run Country on Its Own, Leader Says
Kostadin Kostadinov in Dobrich, May 28, 2024 (BTA Photo)

Meeting with supporters in the northern town of Dobrich, the leader of the nationalist Vazrazhdane party, Kostadin Kostadinov, said that his party aims to run the country on its own "or else the future of Bulgaria is in jeopardy".  He said that his party is ready to go to talks with other political forces but not the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. "These talks will be on our terms," he said.

One of the party's top-of-the-list candidates, Konstantina Petrova, said they have five conditions before they sit at the negotiating table with other parties: a referendum on Bulgaria's membership in the eurozone, a referendum on NATO membership, ending military aid to Ukraine, establishing a fund to compensate the losses sustained by Bulgarian businesses as a result of the embargo on Russia, lifting the embargo on Russia, lifting the sanctions and setting up a team to re-negotiate Bulgaria's membership of EU. 

In Kostadinov's words, "the election campaign came to its conclusion on Monday with the announced plan by the NATO member states to allow the use of NATO armament for attacking Russia directly". "Yesterday, the choice for Bulgarian citizens was suddenly reduced to Vazrazhdane or war," said Kostadinov. 




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