site.btaEmployment Agency Reports Increase in Number of Vacant Job Positions in August, M/M

Employment Agency Reports Increase in Number of Vacant Job Positions in August, M/M
Employment Agency Reports Increase in Number of Vacant Job Positions in August, M/M
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The National Employment Agency Friday reported an increase in the number of vacant job positions declared by employers at labour offices in August. Last month, this number stood at 11,988, compared to 9,026 in July 2023.

In the real economy, the highest number of vacant job positions were declared in education (27.6%), manufacturing (22.4%), trade (10.4%), state governance (6.8%), hotels and restaurants (6%), and administrative and auxiliary activities (5.9%).

The professions highest in demand last month were teachers, caregivers, shop assistants, workers in mining and manufacturing, construction workers, drivers, machine operators of stationary machines and equipment, personnel in personal services, waste collectors, cleaners and assistants, workers qualified to make food, clothing, wooden items, and others.

A total of 10,110 unemployed started work in August, similarly to their number in July 2023 and August 2022. Last month, 257 pensioners, students, and employed found a job with the help of labour offices. The biggest share of newly employed started work in manufacturing (19.7%), followed by trade (14%), hotels and restaurants (8.7%), state governance (6.1%), construction (5.9%), and agriculture (5.1%). A total of 1,105 unemployed found a job in another EU Member State with the assistance of labour office.

In August, 349 unemployed from risk groups found a job through subsidized job positions: 92 through employment programmes and measures, and 257 though schemes under Operational Programme Human Resources Development. Thirty-six unemployed and employed were included in various trainings, and 181 people finished their training from previous months, acquiring a new profession or key competence.

The level of registered unemployment reached 5.3% in August, up by 0.1 percentage points from July. The number of registered unemployed was 149,349 at the end of last month, which is an increase by 1,753 people from July 2023.

A total of 18,913 unemployed registered at labour offices in August, down by 2,599 from a month earlier and by 117 from August 2022. Another 812 job-seeking employed, students, and pensioners turned to labour offices last month, which is an increase by 36% from July 2023. 




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