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Taraclia and Beloslav Will Sign Partnership Agreement
Taraclia and Beloslav Will Sign Partnership Agreement
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The mayor of the Moldovan city of Taraclia, Vyacheslav Lupov, where the population is predominantly Bulgarian, was invited to the Bulgarian city of Beloslav, Varna region. In Bulgaria, the mayor will sign a document on the cooperation between the two cities during a visit between May 9 and 12. This became clear from Thursday's meeting of the City Council of Taraclia. For Taraclia, this is not the first cooperation agreement with Bulgarian cities. In 2012iTaraclia signed a twinning contract with the city of Sliven.

The first mention of Taraclia dates back to 1813, although the first settlers appeared here during the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812. Taraclia is one of the oldest Bulgarian settlements from the 19th century in southern Bessarabia. The city got its name from the former village of Nogai, which was located just south of the city's current location.

During the migration of the Bulgarians to southern Bessarabia from 1821 to 1854 in the town of Taraclia settled 2,367 people. At the end of the century, the population of the city reached 6,404 people. Granted the rights of colonists, they built houses, grew bread and children, taking advantage of several decades of advantages granted to them by the government of Tsarist Russia. At the beginning of the 20th century, the construction of the Bender-Reni railway line gave a new impetus to the development of Taraclia. The city became a regional commercial center with a hospital, post office and telegraph.




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