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MPs Adopt Amendments to Law on Feed
MPs Adopt Amendments to Law on Feed
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The members of Parliament adopted at second reading amendments to the Law on Feed, which state that medicated feed can only be produced from veterinary medicinal products authorised by legislation in this area. The amendments, tabled by the Council of Ministers, were supported by 166 MPs, and one was opposed.

The new texts introduce a system for the collection and disposal of unused intermediate products and medicated feed or expired ones. The organisation and performance of this activity shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer or trader concerned, and the packaging of medicated feed shall bear a toll-free telephone number and a place where unused feed and intermediate products for their manufacture are collected. It is envisaged that this information will be publicly available on the website of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA).

A requirement is introduced that the veterinary prescription should only be issued by a veterinarian after an examination of the health status of the animals. There is also a ban on the advertising of medicated feed and the preventive use of antibiotics in it.

BFSA is designated as the competent contact point for the Administrative Assistance and Cooperation Network and the Food Fraud Network.




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