site.btaFilm about Bulgarian Schindler Will Premiere on March 6

Film about Bulgarian Schindler Will Premiere on March 6
Film about Bulgarian Schindler Will Premiere on March 6
Pictured: Colonel Mumdzhiev (Doli Media Studio)

A film about the Bulgarian Schindler will have its premiere at the Military Academy in Sofia on March 6, Doli Media Studio reports. "The Saviour" tells the story of Colonel Tsvetan Mumdzhiev, who saved hundreds of Bulgarian Jews from deportation. 

"This is the story of the life of Colonel Tsvetan Mumdzhiev, of his struggle to save thousands of Bulgarian Jews and their fellow Jews from Aegean Thrace during World War II. In 1943-1944, he was the head of the temporary labour conscription and all the Jewish forced labour camps in Bulgaria were under his leadership. Some historians refer to him as the "Bulgarian Schindler," although his work was many times greater. Any nation would be proud of such a personality. But his memory has been deliberately left in obscurity for the Bulgarian and world public," say the film's authors. 

The script is by Professor Colonel Dimitar Nedialkov, director is Vladimir  Shterianov, producer - Dobromir Chochov. This is their second project of the team after "White Eagles", which presents the feats of worthy young aviators unjustly wiped out from history. 

After painstaking and thorough research work related to the collection and analysis of a large volume of documents, publications and facts from interviews filmed in Bulgaria and Israel, a chronology has been compiled in the biography of an extraordinary personality, part of the Bulgarian army in the period of the most difficult years for Bulgaria.

Colonel Mumdzhiev was a participant in the three wars of national liberation and unification, and in the years of World War II he held major command positions in the labour troops and the temporary labour service.  




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