site.btaPablo Girolami Presents Two Dance Performances in Sofia

Pablo Girolami Presents Two Dance Performances in Sofia
Pablo Girolami Presents Two Dance Performances in Sofia
Italian choreographer Pablo Girolami presents two dance performances in Sofia, Mar. 2023 (Derida Dance Center Photo)

Pablo Girolami, one of the most awarded young choreographers in Europe in the last two years, is coming to Sofia with his team, Derida Dance Center said. Its residency program is the occasion for the visit.

The Italian choreographer will present the working process on his two latest dance performances. The first project is taking place on Wednesday at Derida Stage. It is an open rehearsal of Migration, a performative exercise which starts as a warm-up and evolves into spontaneous composition. Migration is based around the concepts of "Follow the leader - Lead the follower" / "Take - Give inspiration". The group of dancers is guided, through a series of tasks, to move in space, to migrate, not only to travel to a more fertile land, but to strengthen the bonds in their community.

The second project, RER, is their latest production. It will be finalized during the residence in Sofia and will be presented at Derida Stage on March 31.

Pablo Girolami is working with the dancers Sara Ariotti, Yasmin Gariv, Shani Hadashi, Katarzyna Zakrzewska, Fabio Cavallo, Guilherme Leal.

On March 30, Girolami will give a free workshop for professional dancers at Derida Stage.

Pablo Girolami (Switzerland/Italy) graduated from the Zurich Dance Academy. He is currently a freelance artist and artistic director of the IVONA company. He won first prizes at the Linkage International Choreographic Competition of the Stream Dance company in Sofia in 2021 and the 10th Annual Jerusalem International Dance Week in 2022. He is a finalist in the competition programme of the MASDANZA International Contemporary Dance Festival of The Canary Islands, Spain.







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