site.btaTISP Will Not Support Government with First or Second Mandate

TISP Will Not Support Government with First or Second Mandate
TISP Will Not Support Government with First or Second Mandate
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In a statement circulated by the party press office on Wednesday, There Is Such a People (TISP) leader Slavi Trifonov said, “TISP is the sixth party in the 50th Parliament and for that, quite logically, I waited long enough for the first, second and third parties to do what was necessary to have a regular government. However, this is not happening… All sorts of sociologists, political scientists, journalists and even some charlatans convincingly explain how I have made a deal with GERB and MRF (the Movement for Rights and Freedoms), and they are sure that the future government will be something like this.

“Having consulted with my TISP colleagues, I have decided the following - TISP will not support a first or second mandate government. There are enough parties and free-thinking MPs to make such a move. It is my hope and expectation that the third mandate will come to TISP and then we will offer an expert government to do certain and important things for the country. And if the mandate comes to us, I suggest all political parties to support such a government if they do not want us to go to elections in the autumn,” the position paper reads.

The President is obliged by the Constitution to present the first exploratory government-forming mandate to the largest political force in Parliament. If that party fails to form a government, the second largest political force gets the mandate. If that party, too, fails to produce a regular government, the head of State presents the third mandate to a parliamentary political force at his discretion. If the third mandate is unsuccessful, a caretaker government is appointed and snap parliamentary elections are scheduled within two months. 




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