site.btaNational Assembly Deputy Chair Kirova: "In Face of War, Aggression, We Must Invest More than Ever in Deterrence"

National Assembly Deputy Chair Kirova: "In Face of War, Aggression, We Must Invest More than Ever in Deterrence"
National Assembly Deputy Chair Kirova: "In Face of War, Aggression, We Must Invest More than Ever in Deterrence"
Bulgarian Deputy National Assembly Chair Rositsa Kirova addresses the Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Sofia, May 27, 2024 (BTA Photo)

“Bulgaria remains strongly committed to continued support for Ukraine,” Bulgarian National Assembly Deputy Chair Rositsa Kirova said, addressing the Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly which is taking place in Sofia on Monday.

“Ukraine is not defending itself alone. Ukraine defends Europe and our values, our principles,” Kirova said. She stressed the need for an increased focus on the Black Sea regions and the Western Balkans.

“Security challenges of this magnitude cannot be overcome without new forms of cooperation,” the speaker pointed out.

"The war against Ukraine has shown us how fragile freedom is when you are not part of a defence alliance. This war introduced the world to a new security environment full of risks. Freedom, peace and stability can no longer be taken for granted. They must be defended every day, at all times. To respond to the challenges and threats of a radically changing world, we must all demonstrate allied unity, a new capacity for adaptation and even stronger determination. Faced by war and aggression, we must invest more than ever in supporting our deterrence and defence capabilities," Kirova said in her speech.

She urged for continued support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, assuring her audience that this is among Bulgaria's priorities and recalling that the Bulgarian Parliament has so far adopted seven resolutions under which Bulgaria has provided Ukraine with a wide range of assistance. "We know, and I personally saw this during my visit to Odesa in March, that time there is measured in human lives and human destinies," the National Assembly Deputy Chair said.

Kirova recalled that Bulgaria has helped more than 178,000 Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war, and hundreds of volunteers have joined various actions in support of refugees and needy people in Ukraine itself.

"Bulgaria has consistently made efforts and has honoured its commitments to strengthen the deterrence and defence capabilities on the Eastern Flank. We are progressively increasing defence spending, and this year we will meet and exceed the minimum target of 2% of GDP. As an Ally on NATO's Eastern Flank, Bulgaria and the region also need the support of NATO member countries with investments - especially in transport, communications and the energy infrastructure. These investments will make our region more stable and more secure,” Kirova said, adding that “the full membership of Bulgaria and Romania in the Schengen area is absolutely necessary for both countries as well as for the European Union and NATO."

As other security issues, she listed the "growing tensions in the Western Balkans" and the ongoing "malicious hybrid and cyber activities, disinformation campaigns and confrontational rhetoric".




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