site.btaPensions to Be Increased by 11% from July 1

Pensions to Be Increased by 11% from July 1
Pensions to Be Increased by 11% from July 1
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Pensions will be increased by 11% from July 1, 2024, caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev said on Tuesday during his hearing in Parliament on the pension update.

Glavchev quoted official minutes of a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) held on May 14, which state that the decision was taken by 16 votes of the board members present. "Pensions granted until 31 December 2023 shall be updated by 11% from 1 July 2024," Glavchev was quoted as saying. 

He pointed out that the governing bodies of the NSSI are the Supervisory Board and the Governor and the Deputy Governor. "These are the bodies that can take such a decision. I don't know why you are interfering with the government. You know very well that there are representatives of the executive power in the Supervisory Board of the NSSI, but they are 10 people. At least 11 votes in favour are needed to make a decision," Glavchev told MPs during the hearing. 

"The only thing the Prime Minister can do is to call on the members of the Supervisory Board to vote for a certain percentage. I did it, I don't know why you missed it. The other six who voted are representatives of employers and trade unions. I don't see how the Prime Minister can influence there, and I doubt that the National Assembly can influence trade union representatives either," Glavchev said.

Tuesday’s hearing was initiated by Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria.




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