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GERB Leader Borissov Comments on Coalition Agreement
GERB Leader Borissov Comments on Coalition Agreement
GERB leader Boyko Borisov (BTA Photo)

On Wednesday, GERB leader Boyko Borisov commented on the sidelines of Parliament about the government coalition agreement, the text of which is currently being prepared.

"We, unlike them [Continiue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB)], think about every word and every sentence and imagine how it would look in practice. This is not a document that is written hastily to reflect only the wishes of one party or another," 

Borissov confirmed that GERB's proposal will provide for a rotation of prime ministers. "That was the big compromise, that's why we asked Maria Gabriel to give up her post as a European Commissioner, so that there would be a rotation that would be acceptable to both parties," the GERB leader pointed out.

He noted that this would not be a memorandum, but a coalition agreement the likes of which are concluded throughout the European Union, because in many places there are similar majorities of parties that do not tolerate each other, but must govern together.

Borissov added that GERB has not yet received the ministers' assessment. He argued that Defence Minister Todor Tagarev needs to be replaced, as he has not done his job.

In response to a question whether the coalition agreement envisages a reform in the special services, Borissov said that a reform in the services does not mean a percentage distribution. "If we have complaints against them, the services should know what we have complaints about. Right now I see them hunting spies every day, doing operations, working beautifully with partners," he said adding that he would be the last one to support replacing them.

Borissov said that he will propose a negotiating team on the coalition agreement to prepare the whole mechanism, which would then be approved by GERB and CC-DB at a meeting. Temenuzhka Petkova, Raya Nazaryan, Denitsa Sacheva would join the negotiation team, added the GERB leader.







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