site.btaPM Denkov: Cabinet Does Its Job Very Well

PM Denkov: Cabinet Does Its Job Very Well
PM Denkov: Cabinet Does Its Job Very Well
PM Nikolay Denkov speaking to reporters in Shumen (second from right to left), BTA Photo

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with Shumen Mayor Hristo Hristov on Sunday, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said that the cabinet is doing its job very well. Denkov stressed that he was satisfied with the ministers who were motivated to work. “Everyone is doing their job, some of them are not so active on the media, though,” he said, answering a question on the ongoing situation in the assemblage [a word that is often used for the government of CC-DB and GERB (and its support from Movement for Rights and Freedoms)].

"What you [journalists] always hear are either disputes in the National Assembly or some attempts by the National Assembly to impact the [work of the] Council of Ministers. Actually, they [MPs] should be asked most of the questions. The National Assembly has several pressing tasks at the moment. These are the election of a composition of the anti-corruption commission, amendments to the Constitution, the election of members of the regulators [regulatory commissions], and the vote on the [2024 state] budget. So, their focus should be strictly on these tasks. We are doing our tasks and the more the atmosphere calms down, the more effective we will all be, in my opinion," Denkov said, speaking on behalf of the executive.

Earlier on Sunday, Denkov attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a motorway between Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo.




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