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Supreme Judicial Council Debates Motions for Prosecutor General's Dismissal
Supreme Judicial Council Debates Motions for Prosecutor General's Dismissal
Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev on June 8, 2023 (BTA Photo)

The Plenum of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), which confers on Thursday, is expected to debate whether to look into the merged two motions for Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev's dismissal. During the Council's previous meeting on June 5, then Justice Minister Krum Zarkov said that the agenda will include this topic. According to Zarkov, it is the SJC's responsibility to come up with a decision.

The meeting of the SJC is expected to be chaired by the new Minister of Justice Atanas Slavov, who is part of the new regular government under Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, elected by the 49th National Assembly.

Slavov told reporters that he will propose to have the two requests for early dismissal of the Prosecutor General be the first item on the agenda. He added: "I hope for a concise procedure that will guarantee the principles of impartiality, neutrality, and objective search for the truth".

In its previous session, the Plenum of the SJC accepted as regular and admissible the second motion by four members of the Prosecutors Chamber of the SJC for the early dismissal of Geshev and opened the procedure. The motion was in relation to a statement by Geshev, in which he used the phrase "political trash" while talking about Bulgarian MPs. According to four members of the Prosecutor's Collegium of the SJC, Geshev has thus undermined the prestige of the judiciary.

On June 6, Geshev said that behind the objectives of this proceeding, there is a clear attempt at political interference in the judicial power and its takeover. He argued that there is no legal basis in the release proposal.

A group of people has gathered at a protest in front of the SJC building in support of the Prosecutor General. Some of them are carrying signs that read "The mafia is firing Geshev" and "Boyko [GERB leader and former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov] got scared of Geshev".

On May 25, the SJC Plenum opened a procedure for Geshev's premature dismissal entered by six members of the SJC Prosecutors Chamber for possible serious misconduct committed Geshev.







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