site.btaSocialist Leader Lashes Out at Ruling Coalition, President

Socialist Leader Lashes Out at Ruling Coalition, President
Socialist Leader Lashes Out at Ruling Coalition, President
BSP leader Korneliya Ninova interviewed on bTV, Sofia, June 6, 2023 (BSP Photo)

In a bTV interview on Tuesday, Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Korneliya Ninova explained why her party opposes the ruling coalition between GERB-UDF and Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB).

She described the Cabinet that was elected on Tuesday as "a government of immunities, of omerta, a betrayal to the voters of both coalitions." Her other definition is "a backstage deal, with the parallel state and the mafia regrouping in order to survive and keep running the country."

According to the Socialist leader, this will be "a very anti-social and anti-people government", which will freeze the minimum wage, maternity benefits and pensions against the backdrop of continuing price rises.

Ninova argued that President Rumen Radev "has gone beyond all limits". "He humiliated the presidential institution by his behaviour and by losing his nerves when handing the [cabinet-forming] mandate. Today I was shocked to see the President of the Republic walk out of the debating chamber while the national anthem was being played," she observed. "Power-greedy, he wants to continue to rule through caretaker cabinets" she insisted.

In her words, Radev is the root cause of the current chaos in the country. She sees the President as "the centre of destabilization" and warned that he may well have "set some snares for the new cabinet", citing the dismissal of the caretaker cabinet's deputy ministers. "Today he is positioning himself as the opposition, he will probably try to be an alternative. He cannot be an alternative any more - he has ruled for two years, he is part of the problem and cannot be the solution," the BSP leader argued.

Ninova does not believe that Bulgaria will be admitted to the Schengen area any time soon. "Every day we have news of migrants being detained, of people put on a national wanted list leaving the country and going to Dubai, of others entering the country despite being on an Interpol Red Notice. Do you think Europe does not notice this?" she asked.

Joining the eurozone "will not be that easy", according to the Socialist leader, because "we don't meet the requirements".




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