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VP Iotova: I Expect That There Will Be Cabinet
VP Iotova: I Expect That There Will Be Cabinet
Vice President Iliana Iotova in Kazanlak on June 2, 2023 (BTA Photo)

"I expect that there will be a [regular] cabinet and I am waiting with great impatience for the National Assembly to vote this cabinet and for it to start working," Vice President Iliana Iotova told journalists in Kazanlak. She was a guest of the city on the occasion of the opening of the 18th World Meeting of Bulgarian Media, which brings together journalists from all over the world.

Iotova's remarks about the new cabinet came hours before the official list of the ministers was unveiled in Sofia.

"I heard a remark this morning that made me very worried as a citizen about the future of this cabinet. The future Prime Minister Acad. Denkov said that he enters this government without having any confidence in his coalition partners from the political party GERB and has confidence only in Mariya Gabriel," she noted. According to the Vice President, this is not a good start. She expressed hope that there would still be a stable regular cabinet.

Asked about the composition of the future cabinet, Iotova said that one should not enter into hypotheses because the list has not been finalized. "If it's the one the media has, I can't comment because I don't know most of them personally, but I wouldn't in any case want to get involved in this tone of denial and conflict even before we have understood what it's about," she stressed.

"We live in a democratic country and everyone has the right to protest when they disagree with something," Iotova said about the protest that will take place on Friday evening in front of the Presidency. “We will hear what the people's claims are, I have always heard these people in my political biography, whether it is thousands or just one person,” she noted.




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