site.btaTwelve Helipads to Be Built for Air Ambulances

Twelve Helipads to Be Built for Air Ambulances
Twelve Helipads to Be Built for Air Ambulances
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Twelve helipads will be built for the needs of emergency air assistance, and in Sofia they will be in the hospitals "Prof. Alexander Chirkov", "Lozenets" and "St. Anna", caretaker Minister of Health Assen Medjidiev told journalists. He and Deputy Prime Minister for EU funds management Atanas Pekanov attended the ceremony for awarding the certificates to the first 50 medics who completed the training course "Emergency medical care by air”. The training of the second group of medics will start on June 12.

“We aim to have the first helipads installed near fully staffed hospitals to ensure a timely reaction in case of emergency,” Minister Medjidiev added. 

“I expect that the procedure for the first two helicopters, which is run by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, will be completed by June 15 and then we expect the arrival of the helicopters,” Minister Medjidiev said, adding that the health authorities are ready with the bases and the sites will be ready. “According to Bulgarian legislation, helicopters can only fly during the day, but we are working with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defence, the President has also been informed and supports our opinion that we should also go to night mode, but this will be a little further in time,” Minister Medjidiev added. The pilots of the first two helicopters will be foreigners who are extremely qualified personnel, he said. 

Medical transport by airplane will also be maintained, which will be used for longer distances and when a larger medical team is needed.

The provision of emergency medical care by air is funded under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, and it is one of the most important investments, Pekanov said. Earlier today, he pointed to other areas of health care included in the Plan - upgrading hospitals, creating centres, upgrades in the area of psychiatry, and creating a fund to encourage a more balanced distribution of medical professionals in the country. He said to establish this fund, legal changes and corresponding funding are envisaged to provide medical professionals in the more remote locations in the country. This is an important reform, which has also been consulted with the European Commission and should happen, he said. The fund will guarantee additional income for health professionals in places where they are currently lacking, Pekanov explained, and the funding will come from the national budget.







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