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Strazha Foundation Creates Online Political Compass Test
Strazha Foundation Creates Online Political Compass Test
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The Strazha foundation has created an online Political Compass test that allows voters to check to what extent their views coincide with the positions of the various parties participating in the parliamentary elections on October 2. There are two tests to choose from, a shorter version with 25 questions, and a 55-question comprehensive test.

In order to study the positions of each of the parties, the Strazha foundation prepared a 55-question survey and sent it to the nine parties likely to pass the 4% voter threshold and enter parliament, according to the latest polls. Most parties answered all the questions. The only exceptions were Democratic Bulgaria, which answered some of them, and Continue the Change, which answered none.

After taking the test, the website calculates a percentage match with each party and provides an opportunity to compare each answer with the parties' positions.

The Strazha Foundation is a non-profit organization inspired by the German project Abgeordnetenwatch for citizen participation in governance. "Strazha" is a Bulgarian word meaning "guardsman". The NPO aims to provide comprehensive information to voters in order to keep them informed and make their political decisions easier.

Strazha's main project is a website that provides current comprehensive information on the composition and members of parliament by party and region, parliamentary groups, meetings, decisions, votes, party financing, all state budget payments (between 2006-2022) of over BGN 5,000 and their recipients. etc. The foundation is apolitical and aims to adhere to an equal treatment of all political figures and movements, with the exception of those preaching anti-democratic, anti-human, fascist, racist and totalitarian ideas.




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