site.btaCommunist Secret Service Personnel Influence Public Debate in Bulgaria - EP Conference

Communist Secret Service Personnel Influence Public Debate in Bulgaria - EP Conference
Communist Secret Service Personnel Influence Public Debate in Bulgaria - EP Conference
A snapshot from the EP conference on disinformation (BTA Photo)

Personnel of the communist secret services make sure to participate in the public debate in Bulgaria in a bid to influence and distort it, according to the participants in a conference on disinformation held in the European Parliament in Brussels Wednesday.

The forum was organized by MEPs Assim Ademov and Alexander Yordanov (EPP). 

Ademov said that against the backdrop of the Ukraine war, "former agents crawled out to disseminate Kremlin's propaganda" He argued that President Rumen Radev is involved in imposing pro-Russian policies.

Yordanov said that people linked to the communit-era State Security Service and the military intelligence have joined the hybrid war against the EU. There are parties and politicians in Bulgaria, the President being one of them, that are agents of Moscow's policy. The Russian influence on the ruling parties is so big that Bulgaria refused to provide military assistance to Ukraine. A united front exists in Bulgaria against the EU policy of sanctions, and it includes the Socialists, the nationalists and Russophile civil organizations, Yordanov added.

The leader of the Atlantic Council in Bulgaria, Momchil Doychev, spoke of "hybrid aggression" aiming mostly the European values.  The Russian Federation sees in Bulgaria a weak link and a next target of its aggression once it is done with the post-Soviet space. Moscow treats Bulgaria as a captured state where numerous Russian spies go about their subversive activity with impunity. He called for "de-Russification" and said that a dozen Russian channels of disinformation are still broadcasting in Bulgaria. 

Doychev argued that the Russian propaganda has led to the creation of new pro-Russian and anti-European parties all the time. He described the smallest party in Parliament, Vazrazhdane, as a serious threat for national security but the Interior Ministry, prosecution service and the special services have taken no action.

Political science professor Antonii Galabov said that research by his New Bulgarian University has found that the main talking points of Kremlin's propaganda has penetrated deeply the Bulgarian society. 

MEP Andrey Kovachev (EPP) said that the Bulgarian history has been falsified by the communist regime and an effort needs to be made to teach the new generations a truthful history. 

Political analyst Haralan Alexandrov said that the conspiracy theories that are so popular in Bulgaria, convince people that they are unable to influence their environment and undermine trust in opinion leaders. Some Bulgarians' idea that we are a unique and misunderstood culture, and that all Western decisions are doomed to fail, lead to the growing popularity of nationalist organizations. There is a widely shared understanding that the world is becoming a worse place and any attempt to change it are pointless.  This view clashes with the Western idea of development and provides a breeding ground for propaganda, he said.




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