site.btaBulgaria Aids Development of Organic Farming in Durres Region, Albania

Bulgaria Aids Development of Organic Farming in Durres Region, Albania
Bulgaria Aids Development of Organic Farming in Durres Region, Albania
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At a special ceremony here on Thursday, the Udhetim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare non-governmental organization  presented the results of an ODA-funded project for nature-based solutions for pollinator conservation in greenhouses and urban ecosystems. A representative of the farms involved in the project expressed gratitude to the Bulgarian state for the funding provided, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release.

The farms representative said that the introduced pollination method using bumblebees has led to an increase in quality and quantity of production, as well as minimizing the use of pesticides. The NGO's Executive Director Miranda Mansaku added that the entire process is summarized in a special bilingual publication compiled by the project's scientific leader, Prof Shpend Shahini.

Students from local schools in Durres Region made a presentation on the environmental education sessions held under the project. The new practical knowledge on ecology they gained motivated them to hold a meeting with the City Council of Durres to raise important issues related to pollution and environmental protection for the development of the city.

Asen Pachev, counsellor in the Bulgarian Embassy in Albania, expressed his satisfaction with the results, which exceeded those originally envisaged in the project. Maria Peeva, Third Secretary and Project Coordinator, thanked the farmers and students for their active participation and the company for the successful completion of another Official Development Assistance (ODA) initiative to support the development of organic agriculture in Durres Region.




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