site.btaClaims of Upcoming Electricity Price Increase Debated in Parliament

Claims of Upcoming Electricity Price Increase Debated in Parliament
Claims of Upcoming Electricity Price Increase Debated in Parliament
Caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev addresses Parliament (BTA Photo)

During the National Assembly’s extraordinary sitting on Tuesday, BSP for Bulgaria warned that an electricity price increase for household consumers could be expected in Bulgaria. Caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev denied the leftist’s claims.

Parliament Deputy Chair Rossitsa Kirova, who chaired the sitting, refused to put to a vote BSP for Bulgaria’s motion for a hearing of Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) Chair Ivan Ivanov in relation to a possible upcoming electricity price increase. Kirova recalled that it had been decided that the hearing would be included as an item on Parliament’s agenda only if there were to be changes in the electricity price of electricity within the 49th National Assembly. Otherwise, the 50th National Assembly will take a decision on the matter.

Addressing the sitting from the parliamentary rostrum, BSP for Bulgaria MP Borislav Gutsanov stressed that the most important question in Bulgaria right now is whether the electricity price will increase and why. He pointed out that the Kozloduy NPP had requested an increase in electricity price because of Unit 5’s refueling and a problem with the steam generator in Unit 6.

"It's clear that GERB does not want this item on the agenda, but please, this is about the country's economy and what price households will pay," Gutsanov addressed Kirova.

BSP for Bulgaria MP Dragomir Stoynev added: "The energy minister himself said there is a shortfall in the Electricity System Security Fund (ESSF). The National Assembly decided to replenish this fund with BGN 1 billion. Has it been filled, has it not? What is the calculation model, is it being worked on," he asked.

In his words, only EWRC Chair Ivan Ivanov can provide answers to these questions. "Given the fact that the minister himself is talking about a double-digit energy price increase, it is most normal for Mr Ivanov, who is the chair of the commission that sets this price, to come and answer," Stoynev stressed, adding that currently nothing requires an electricity price increase.

Attending the sitting, PM Glavchev assured that there will be no dramatic change in the price of electricity. The government is monitoring the process, he noted.

"I can reassure the Bulgarian population that there will be no dramatic change. I can give an indicative [increase] rate – within the inflation rate, even lower," he said, noting that it is not his job to comment on the price of electricity.







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