June 9 parliamentary elections

site.btaTop-of-the-list Candidates: Stara Zagora

Top-of-the-list Candidates: Stara Zagora
Top-of-the-list Candidates: Stara Zagora
Stara Zagora marking its official holiday on October 5, 2023 (BTA Photo)

BTA will publish the names of the top-of-the-list candidates of every party for all constituencies for the June 9 parliamentary elections. The information about the candidates is provided by the respective party/coalition, the candidates themselves and other official sources of information.

A total of 31 parties and coalitions have registered for the June 9, 2024 national elections in Stara Zagora. The candidates total 321, according to the Constituency Election Commission.

The order follows the sequential numbers on the ballots, as drawn by the Central Election Commission:

  1. There Is Such a People: Aleksandar Valchev. Born in 1973. Scriptwriter. MP in 45th and 49th National Assembly;
  2. Glas Naroden [People's Voice] Party: Marinella Margaritova. Born in 1985. Graduated from a mechanics college. Works as a masseuse;
  3. Blue Bulgaria Coalition (nine parties: Conservative Alliance of the Right (KOD); Bulgarian Democratic Forum; Democratic Action Movement; National Movement for Stability and Upsurge; Bulgaria of the Citizens Movement; Conservative Bulgaria Party; Radical Democratic Party in Bulgaria; Bulgarian New Democracy Party; Agrarian People's Union): Borislava Peneva. Born in 1988. Master's degree in transport construction from the Higher School of Transport Todor Kableshkov. Worked at the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency and the State Fund Agriculture. Works at the Ministry of Economy and Industry;
  4. We the Citizens Coalition (three parties: Bulgarian Spring; Competence, Responsibility and Truth (KOI); Bulgarian Workers'-Peasants' Party): Plamen Paskov. Born in 1965. Veterinarian by training;
  5. No registered list of candidates;
  6. Bulgarian Voice Party: Ivan Grozdanov. Born in 1972. Economic education with a major in international economic relations. Runs a business in the field of infrastructure construction;
  7. Rose Coalition (three parties: Bulgarian Social Democracy - EuroLeft; United Labour Bloc Bulgarian Labourists; Rodolyubie 2000): Garabed Minasyan. Doctor of economic sciences. Former member of the management board of the Bulgarian National Bank. Professor at the Economic Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
  8. Centre Coalition (two parties: Svoboda [Freedom]; Bulgarian Agrarian Party): Boyanka Yankova. Born in 1973. Degrees in ecology and economic management and economics. Worked as an ecologist. Works at Maritsa East coal mines;
  9. Bulgarian Solidarity Coalition: Shteryo Shterev. Engineer and energy expert in the coal sector. Worked at the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, Maritsa East coal mines. Deputy Chair of the management board of the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy;
  10. Edinenie [Unity] Party: Yani Andreev. Bachelor in history, master in technology of winemaking. Runs a small farm;
  11. Bulgarian National Alliance (BNO) Party: Hristo Georgiev. Born in 1957. Works in construction. Head of the International Romano Union - Bulgaria;
  12. Vazrazhdane Party: Iskra Mihaylova. Born in 1982. Public relations expert. Former municipal councillor in Stara Zagora. MP in 47th, 48th and 49th National Assemblies;
  13. Morality, Unity, Honour (MECh) Party: Krasimir Manov. Degrees in drilling engineering and financial management. Former executive director of Prouchvane i dobiv and neft i gaz (Oil and Gas Exploration and Production) AD;
  14. Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria Coalition (four parties: Continue the Change; VOLT; Democrats for Strong Bulgaria; Yes, Bulgaria Movement): Radoslav Ribarski. Born in 1983. MP in 47th, 48th and 49th National Assemblies;
  15. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth People's Party: Ivan Ivanov. Graduated from Technical School of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation;
  16. Bulgarian Rise Party: Krasimir Yankov. Born in 1974. Degree in accounting and control from the University of Economics in Varna and degree in finance from the Dimitar A. Tsenov Academy of Economics in Svishtov. MP in 42nd and 43rd National Assemblies;
  17. Civic Bloc Coalition (Radicals Bulgarian Democratic Union, Bulgarian Women's Party): Dimitar Lambovski. Born in 1967. Degree in historical studies and history of economics from the Humboldt University of Berlin, PhD from the University of Vienna. Advisor to the Economic Committee of the 37th and 38th National Assemblies. MP in the 39th National Assembly;
  18. Society for New Bulgaria Party: Georgi Mandev. Born in 1961. Graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, with a degree in geodesy, photogrammetry and topography;
  19. The Left! Coalition (ABV (Alternative for Bulgarian Revival), Movement 21, Green Party, Alexander Stamboliiski Agrarian Party, National Movement for Salvation of the Fatherland, Social Democrats Political Movement): Tsveteslava Galabova. Master in economics, psychiatrist and expert in forensic psychiatry. Runs a medical establishment;
  20. Party of the Greens: Anna Kirilova;
  21. Here We Come Party: Nikolay Nikolov. Born in 1976. Degree in dental medicine from the Medical University in Sofia, degree in international business administration from the University of Portsmouth. Runs a dental practice;
  22. GERB-UDF Coalition (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) and Union of Democratic Forces (UDF)): Krasimir Valchev. Born in 1975. Finance degree from the University of Economics in Varna. Former minister of education and science. MP in 46th, 47th, 48th and 49th National Assemblies;
  23. Bulgarian National Union New Democracy Party: Denis Genev. Born in 1995. Veterinary technician degree from the National Professional School of Veterinary Medicine Ivan Pavlov, Stara Zagora. Works in forensic medicine;
  24. BSP for Bulgaria Coalition (Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP); Ecoglasnost Political Club; Trakia Political Club): Dragomir Stoynev. Born in 1976. Economist by training. MP in nine national assemblies;
  25. Velichie [Grandeur] Party: Krasimira Ninova-Katincharova. Born in 1967. Degree in economy from today's University of National and World Economy. Journalist, translator, head of Association Human - Nature - Life;
  26. VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement Party: Krasimir Chervilov. Born in 1965. Graduated in opera singing from the Bulgarian State Conservatoire. Former deputy regional governor of Stara Zagora. Municipal councillor in Stara Zagora;
  27. Direct Democracy Party: Margarit Karaburov;
  28. Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Party: Halil Letifov. Born in 1979. MP in seven national assemblies;
  29. Green Movement Party: Petko Kovachev. Born in 1966. Graduated from today's University of National and World Economy. Head of the Green Policy Institute;
  30. Party for Great Bulgaria: Venko Dinev. Born in 1975. Worked at Maritsa East coal mines. Works at a company for electrical installations;
  31. Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy (BSDD): Deyan Aleksandrov. Medical doctor, head of a urology department at a hospital in Varna;
  32. Neutral Bulgaria Coalition (4 parties: Communist Party of Bulgaria; Bulgarian Communist Party; Party of Bulgarian Communists; Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland): Atanas Panchev. Born in 1965. Doctor of cultural heritage, lawyer.




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