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Rose Harvesting Season Starts in Kazanlak Area
Rose Harvesting Season Starts in Kazanlak Area
Rose harvesting in Kran, near Kazanlak, June 4, 2023 (BTA Photo)

The rose harvesting season has begun in the rose plantations near the southern town of Kazanlak, which is the best known rose growing region in Bulgaria. A harvesting ritual near the village of Cherganovo last Sunday was made a part of the programme of the 121st edition of the Rose Festival, said the local administration. 

Tens of visitors came despite the rain. They saw a demonstration of rose distilling and were offered to try rose jam and rose liquor.

Rose harvesting days will be held all weekends until June 2. 

Roses are harvested early in the morning, before the sun is up, the organizers of the May 19 event told BTA. Work ends by 9am because the concentration of essential oil in the rose petals is highest between 4 am and 8am. 

Traditionally, women sang while picking the rose petals and who competed who would harvest the most. The plantation came to collect the harvest and pay the rose pickers. The one who had harvested the most petals, later had the honour of leading the dance in the village square. 

Rose distilling started as soon as the harvesting for the day was over. The boilers were loaded with rose petals and water.

Roses to be harvested should be in full bloom for maximum oil content. 

It takes 3 to 2.5 t of rose petals to make a kilo of rose oil. 

The first distillate is known as rose water. It is put to a second distillation to turn into rose oil. 

Bulgaria is one of the top three world rose oil producers.

According to the Agriculture Ministry, there are 2,943 registered rose growers (as of March 7, 2024) in Bulgaria. The rose plantations total 5,367 ha. The registered processors are 67 and they use 53 facilities for processing roses.

In 2023, Bulgaria exported 1,370 kg of rose oil and fetched an average export price of EUR 9,168/kg. Most of the export goes to the US, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and France.

Last year this country imported 79 kg of rose oil from Turkiye and China. 




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