site.btaTaraclia Welcomes Rubicon-2024 Ultramarathon Participants

Taraclia Welcomes Rubicon-2024 Ultramarathon Participants
Taraclia Welcomes Rubicon-2024 Ultramarathon Participants
Taraclia district council photo

The Taraclia district administration welcomed participants of the Rubicon-2024 marathon in a traditional Bulgarian style. The relay represents a non-stop marathon starting from Chisinau with the final spot in Bucharest, and the runners' route goes through the Taraclia district. The district administration representatives, headed by Deputy Chair Sergey Filippov, welcomed 50 marathon runners on March 22 at 23:00.

The participants were welcomed with bread, salt, pastries and hot drinks by Taraclians dressed in traditional Bulgarian costumes. Despite the fact that the runners were tired, they joined in on a traditional Bulgarian horo circle dance.

A 63-year-old resident of Taraclia, Ivan Topalov, ran in front of the column of runners carrying the Taraclia district's flag. The welcoming ceremony was organized with the help of the local bakery.

The annual sports event aims to introduce people to the regions, culture, history and sights of Moldova. Thanks to the ultramarathon, the amateur sport is developing in Moldova and Romania, as well as involving the regions in the sporting life of both countries, the marathon's organizers said on their website. For each stage completed in a given district, the participant receives a badge with its coat or arms. In addition, they receive achievement badges for special tasks completed, and for every 100 kilometers run, the participant receives an additional Rubicon Badge.

The marathon winner receives a scoreboard for the badges collected, a Rubicon Cup, a diploma and gifts from partners.




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