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The Weather on March 14
The Weather on March 14
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Thursday: mostly cloudy with rain showers, mainly in the Fore-Balkan, Upper Thracian Plain and East Bulgaria.

Moderate to  strong north-northwesterly wind. Lows: between 4C and 9C. Highs: between 7C and 12C. In Sofia lows will be around 4C, highs- around 9C.

It will be mostly cloudy with rain showers along the Black Sea coast, more significant along the southern coast. Moderate to strong north-northeasterly wind. Highs: between 8C and 11C, close to sea water temperatures. Sea waves: 2-3 degrees Douglas.

The mountains: Cloudy and foggy on mountain tops. Rain and snow above 1,400 m.  In the evening the snow showers will subside and stop in many places. Moderate to strong northwesterly wind. Highs will be about 4C at 1,200 m, minus 2C at 2,000 m.

Source: National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology. 




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