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Isperih History Museum to Digitize Heritage Presentation
Isperih History Museum to Digitize Heritage Presentation
Isperih History Museum Director Emilia Germanova (BTA Photo)

The Isperih History Museum will present the municipality's cultural heritage using new digital and mobile technologies, the Museum's Diretor Emilia Germanova told BTA. The project will introduce innovative and interactive methods to attract tourists and will be implemented by Town Hall in partnership with the Museum. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway will provide nearly BGN 621,000 in funding through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021.

According to Germanova, one of the most interesting activities under the project will be a digital link between the Sboryanovo Archaeological Reserve and the Art Gallery and a hall for temporary archaeological expositions, whose renovation was completed at the end of 2023. "A mobile application including augmented reality will be developed, and it will accessible only on the premises of the two expositions. By scanning the exhibit, users will receive additional information about the item. Visitors will be challenged to hunt treasures related to the museum's exhibits," said Germanova.

Catalogues of the art exhibition and the temporary archaeological exhibition in Bulgarian and English are in pre-press.

Isperih Mayor Belgin Shukri commented that digital technologies will improve the presentation of the municipality's cultural heritage and will help attract a younger audience. "We are proud that we managed to protect this project because it seeks to breathe new life into our cultural heritage. Isperih is one of the 14 municipalities that have received a grant under the programme", Shukri said.

The two new exhibitions will open in April 2024.




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