site.btaGERB-UDF, CC-DB Resume Dialogue

GERB-UDF, CC-DB Resume Dialogue
GERB-UDF, CC-DB Resume Dialogue
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Speaking on BNT’s Panorama on Friday evening, Hristo Ivanov, MP from "Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" said that he’d had a phone talk with GERB leader Boyko Borissov, and the dialogue was resumed. "And I say this not because I dare to quote private conversations, but because he asked me to say it," Ivanov added.

“We have applied an extremely complicated formula based on very difficult compromises for both sides - for our colleagues from GERB-UDF, and for us,” Ivanov replied to a question about whether the chance to make a majority had been missed or whether the stakes were now just being raised to then "noisily and solemnly" settle the matter. In his words, the question now is not just to repeat this formula, but to build on it with the next stage of the goals they have set.

Hristo Ivanov said that it is very important to be sure of the continuation of the anti-corruption reform and that the regulators would be filled in a way that was publicly convincing.

When a majority is so complexly created, the only thing that can keep it in working mode is clear priorities, he said.

After the constitutional amendments, the standard was set that regulators must be independent. There is a certain paradox in that. The political system, Parliament, should elect independent regulators, Ivanov said, specifying that somehow clarity about political responsibility should be combined with guarantees that people in the regulators will have high moral and ethical qualities, i.e. they will not be corrupt and will understand their job.




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