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site.btaPoliticians Comment Bulgaria's Schengen Accesson

Politicians Comment Bulgaria's Schengen Accesson
Politicians Comment Bulgaria's Schengen Accesson
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Politicians commented here on Monday Bulgaria's Schengen accession and whether this country should strive for full membership in the border free or settle for partial accession by air. 

GERB leader Boyko Borissov: "We are very close to Schengen. We have enough arguments to want it not only by air but also by land. [With Continue the Change co-leader with Kiril Petkov] and our parties we are both  categorical that there should be a clear date for accession by land as well. This is the thing that most concerns our transport business, the economy and everything else," Borissov said. "Therefore, we will satisfy their demands with work done, but we want to make it very clear that Bulgaria desires full membership," Borissov added. 

Regarding the demands to accept migrants, Borissov stated that these are separate demands for which the common European approach will be applied again - "until everything is agreed, nothing is agreed", he said.

Continue the Change co-leader Kiril Petkov said in connection with Bulgaria's accession to Schengen that currently the European People's Party and the European liberal family (Renew Europe) are working side by side in Brussels to reach "air Schengen and an exact date" for Bulgaria.

"When there are common national priorities, we use all our strength because Schengen is a national priority for Bulgaria and this was one of the reasons this government exists", added Kiril Petkov.

Socialists leader Korneliya Ninova told journalists in Parliament that the news about [the partial accession to] Schengen is not good for Bulgaria, as she described it as "throwing crumbs". She pointed out that Bulgaria is an equal member of the European Union and should not be treated as a secondary country. "We have fulfilled all the requirements, we should be fully accepted in Schengen," Ninova said. "The fact that we will be accepted only by air is a temporary solution, which can become permanent," she argued.

"The Bulgarian government and the [parliamentary] majority should not take into account the fact that they are letting us fly as a great success, but to take a much firmer stance", the BSP leader urged. According to her, the efforts [towards full accession] should continue. "This is the way - not to bend before this throwing of crumbs," Ninova said.

"Someone should come out and give a clear answer to the Bulgarian people - is there a requirement for us to accept quotas of refugees from Europe in Bulgaria upon full membership," the BSP leader further asked. This rumour has been spread, the government denies it, Borissov's comments are ambiguous, she said. In her words, if this is the case, it is absurd because the conditions for admission to Schengen are different and Bulgaria has fulfilled them.

Movement for Rights and Freedoms Floor Leader Delyan Peevski commented on the topic, saying that it is not enough to let Bulgaria into the so-called Air Schengen and the state should not accept such development.




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