site.btaPrime Minister Denkov: If We Withdraw the Plans from Brussels, There Is Nothing to Negotiate About

Prime Minister Denkov: If We Withdraw the Plans from Brussels, There Is Nothing to Negotiate About
Prime Minister Denkov: If We Withdraw the Plans from Brussels, There Is Nothing to Negotiate About
Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov adresses Parliament on Wednesday (BTA Photo)

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said to journalists in Parliament, that if Bulgaria withdraw the Just Transition Plans (TJTPs) for the energy transition of its coal regions from the European Commission, there will be nothing to negotiate about. In Brussels, specific texts are discussed, not intentions, stressed Deknov, quoted by the government press centre.

“Whoever wants the government to withdraw the plans is trying to thwart its efforts to develop energy in Bulgaria,” argued Denkov. This would block the possibility of making a plan for the transformation of the regions, because the funds from the European Union are needed to create new jobs, to attract investors, for social measures, for everything that the people in the Stara Zagora, Kyustendil and Pernik areas need in the following years, he explained.

Negotiations with Brussels are possible until the end of November this year, but they will be conducted within the framework of European regulations. The regulations have the force of law and cannot be violated, said the Prime Minister from the rostrum of the National Assembly. "Those who call for us not to implement them actually have a hidden agenda: 'Let's leave the European Union if we can, but we don't know how yet.' Because the Bulgarian population, unfortunately for you, is for the most part pro-European", Denkov addressed the MPs from Vazrazhdane.

The Prime Minister described the debate in Parliament, about the agreement between the state and the protesting energy workers signed last night, as politicized. "This conversation was filled with many untruths and outright lies. It was also supplemented with certain platitudes. It is a shame that in this National Assembly there is a conversation on such an important topic, and in this topic you insert simple insinuations and lies", said the Prime Minister to the opposition MPs.

He stressed that the signing of the agreement and its legitimization by Parliament was requested by the protesters and anyone who rejects it does not respect their wish. Denkov clarified that the EU is expected to provide funding between BGN 3 billion and BGN 4 billion for the coal regions, and that it will not be distributed among crony companies, but invested in economic development and new jobs.

In response to a question by the media, the Prime Minister adamantly denied any intention to demand the resignation of Energy Minister Rumen Radev. "This is the person who has to do a huge part of the work that lies ahead in the coming months," said Denkov.




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