site.btaClose to 5,000 Visit Two Fairs in Etara Open Air Museum September 22-24

Close to 5,000 Visit Two Fairs in Etara Open Air Museum September 22-24
Close to 5,000 Visit Two Fairs in Etara Open Air Museum September 22-24
Regional Ethnographic Open Air Museum Etar (BTA Photo)

A total of 4,869 people visited the Ethnographic Open Air Museum Etar during the long weekend of September 22-24, when it held two events: the Secrets of the Water Facilities festival and the festival of vegetable canning.

The Regional Ethnographic Open Air Museum Etar is comprised of houses, craft workshops, buildings and facilities, revealing the ancient lifestyle and culture of Bulgarians living in the central parts of the Balkan mountain range from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century.

Tihomir Tsarov of the museum told BTA that one of the most interesting sites for tourists is the room for production of gaitan (special woolen braids used to decorate clothes). At first glance, on the outside the building looks like a classical house of the Bulgarian Revival period, but whoever goes inside realizes that it is quite different. Its secret is hidden under the wooden floor, where fast flowing water drives the mechanisms for gaitan production. The craft flourished during the period when Bulgaria was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Later, it gradually declined until its products are nowadays rediscovered by clothing manufacturers. The renewed interest in tradition and folklore has encouraged the production of gaitan, and to say that your costume is decorated with braids from the Etar museum is particularly prestigious, Tsarov noted.

Furthermore, the festival of vegetable canning provided an opportunity to present canning recipes to both older and younger visitors. The idea of continuity in culinary traditions through sharing vegetable canning recipes was realized by representatives of the Svetlina People's Community Centre in Debelets, as well as by students and teachers from the Pencho Semov Professional School of Tourism in Gabrovo.

The Etar museum hosts various cultural events and is open all year round.




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