site.btaMarket Links: Over 76% of Bulgarians Consider Domestic Violence Serious Problem

Market Links: Over 76% of Bulgarians Consider Domestic Violence Serious Problem
Market Links: Over 76% of Bulgarians Consider Domestic Violence Serious Problem
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More than 76% of Bulgarians believe that domestic violence is a serious problem, according to a survey by Market Links. Around 30% doubt that the legal changes will have an effect, on the one hand, and on the other that the responsible authorities have enough capacity to implement the legal framework.

The survey was funded and implemented jointly by bTV and Market Links. It was conducted among 1,012 people over 18 in Bulgaria in the period between August 11 and August 18, 2023 using face-to-face interview and online survey methods.

The frequent cases of domestic violence and the particular cruelty shown in some of them, as well as the inability of the institutions to react adequately, have led to social consolidation at levels that are not common in Bulgaria, according to the study. Some 71% of respondents agree with the adopted legal changes related to the prevention of domestic violence, while 18% disagree, and 11% are neutral on the issue.

The electoral support for the main political parties has stabilized close to the results of the early elections in April, the survey shows.

Public confidence in the founding institutions remains low. The institutions of justice, in particular the courts and the prosecution service, also continue to suffer from a low level of public trust. The government has 52% distrust and 20% trust; the Prosecution has 67% distrust and 9% trust, while the Court has 64% distrust and 12% trust. A total of 68% of the respondents distrust the National Assembly, while 11% say they trust it.

Every sixth Bulgarian is of the opinion that the state is developing in a negative direction, according to the survey.

After a Cabinet meeting on August 10, four ministries identified measures against violence and aggression. The meeting took place after Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov assigned the ministers to identify dysfunctional mechanisms for dealing with violence in the spheres they manage and to formulate measures for their improvement. More than 15 measures were identified, including a network of specialized services for victims of violence and the Domestic Violence Sector of the National Police Directorate General.




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