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Continue the Change, Democratic Bulgaria Ready for Minority Government
Continue the Change, Democratic Bulgaria Ready for Minority Government
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Continue the Change (CC) and Democratic Bulgaria (DB) are ready to work on forming a minority government with a clear vision, strategy and plan if the second exploratory mandate gets to them, CC co-leader Kiril Petkov told journalists in Parliament here on Wednesday.

He said that there must be specific guarantees for Parliament to show its ability to work if there is such a minority cabinet. 

Petkov said they don’t plan on holding discussions, but rather on submitting a package of legislative changes that would guarantee the implementation of the main priorities. He listed the following legislative initiatives: 

  • Withdrawing or rejecting the proposed Election Code amendments; 
  • Tabling a proposal to amend the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria with the goal of lifting the Prosecutor General’s unlimited powers;  
  • Adopting on first reading amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code and the Judicial System Act, related to the mechanism for investigating the Prosecutor General and improving pre-trial proceedings;
  • Adopting a resolution to submit the State Budget Act with a 3% deficit;
  • Adopting the relevant legislative changes concerning the procedure for electing the heads of the security services, including the State Agency for National Security, the State Intelligence Agency, the National Service for Protection, the military intelligence and the Interior Ministry’s Chief Secretary, so that the Executive branch of power can manage them effectively without the President’s intervention;
  • Adopting amendents to the Criminal Procedure Code that would allow investigating bodies to initiate pre-trial proceedings, as well as to request courts to conduct certain investigative activities;
  • Adopting the Counter-Corruption Commission bill, under which the Commission will have investigative functions and a leadership nominated by the Council of Ministers and elected by Parliament.
  • Scheduling and reviewing on a priority basis all legislation related to the Recovery and Resilience Plan, as well as the Strategic Agriculture Plan;
  • Scheduling and reviewing in plenary the bills related to Bulgaria’s Schengen and eurozone accession.

CC co-leader Assen Vassilev told a question that they have not sought support from anyone. It will become clear from now on in the plenary who wishes for these laws to be adopted and whether the National Assembly Chairman will schedule their review, Vassilev said.

Asked whether they will accept support from everyone, he said that they have clearly stated that they will not support a government on the first mandate. Anyone wishing to support these priorities in Parliament unconditionally can do so, he added. According to Vassilev, all the draft legislation can be adopted by Christmas given there is good organization and a desire by Parliament to work. 

According to Vassilev, GERB are incapable of forming a cabinet and the President should hurry up with handing the exploratory mandates, so that the country can start moving forward. 

In his opening remarks, Vassilev said that in the last 30 years Bulgaria has been suffering from three things – the direct dependence of a large part of businesses on the State; the inequality in Bulgaria, which is the biggest in the EU; the lack of justice. He recalled that not a single indictment has been submitted against high-ranking politicians. “For 30 years we’ve been watching each next government agree with the previous one not to touch them, so that crises and problems can be avoided. The government we were a part of together with Democratic Bulgaria started to address these three issues,” Vassilev said. 




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