site.btaBTA's LIK Magazine April Issue Themed "Bulgarian Footprint in Space" to Be Launched Monday

The April issue of BTA's LIK magazine themed "The Bulgarian Footprint in Space" will be launched at a special event at the news agency in Sofia on Monday, with video links from 35 BTA national press clubs in the country and abroad. The issue is inspired by the 45th anniversary of the first space flight by a Bulgarian, Georgi Ivanov, which took place on April 10, 1979, and by the contribution  of Bulgarian science to space research.

In chronological order, the magazine quotes highlights from the news archive and pictures from the BTA photo archives, which trace the long history of the relationship between Bulgaria and space.

BTA provided especially enthusiastic coverage of the two space flights involving Bulgarians: Georgi Ivanov in 1979 and Alexander Alexandrov in 1988.

"From a distance of 300 to 400 km, the Earth looks very beautiful with its blue green oceans and seas. Large white patches of cloud are visible, and the stars are much brighter. During our flight, there was a full moon and it was very beautiful against the background of the black sky," cosmonaut Georgi Ivanov says in an interview for LIK.




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