site.btaAnnecy Retrospective Showcases Theodore Ushev's Work

Annecy Retrospective Showcases Theodore Ushev's Work
Annecy Retrospective Showcases Theodore Ushev's Work
The artist (BTA Photo)

A retrospective at the Castle of Annecy showcases the entire work of Theodore Ushev including illustrations, posters, films, drawings. Story boards, and installations, said the artist on Wednesday.

"Twenty-five huge halls will display all the works that I have ever created. The exhibition will open on June 13 and will be on for four months, by late September and early October," said Ushev. Currently four curators in four different countries are at work to collect the works, he added.

"I think that this will be the most important event for me in the next year. It was supposed to take place last year, but things slowed down because of the pandemic," said Ushev.

The exhibition is on the initiative of the Art Museum in Annecy. Annecy is located in the eastern part of the country and is known as the French Venice in the Alps.
The exhibition is organized by the French and Canadian film libraries. "It is funded by the Canadian and French governments. The Bulgarian Cultural Institute is assisting the organization," said Ushev. "We will try to show the exhibition in Montreal and the film library of Quebec. We are trying to display it in Bulgaria in 2024, but we still don't have an answer. 2024 is still very distant for Bulgaria. Everything in Bulgaria is done at the eleventh hour," said Ushev. 




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