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site.btaUS-Based Publisher Presents Own Poetry Collection in Burgas

US-Based Publisher Presents Own Poetry Collection in Burgas
US-Based Publisher Presents Own Poetry Collection in Burgas
Poet Katerina Stoykova

Right after the Book Alley event in Varna, on the Black Sea, another literary event takes place in Burgas, further south along the coast: the 6th edition of a reading programme called With a Book on the Beach, held at the Flora open-air exhibition centre in the city's Sea Garden on August 10 to 14. 

Burgas-born poetess, translator, radio host and publisher Katerina Stoykova is a dear guest at this year's event. On Saturday, August 13, at 6 p.m., she'll be launching her latest poetry book, American Delicacies.

Katerina Stoykova is the author of several poetry books: American Delicacies, Second Skin, How God Punishes, Bird on a Window, The Porcupine of Mind, Indivisible Number, The Air Around the Butterfly. For nearly 25 years, Katerina has been splitting her professional time between the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria and the hills of Kentucky in USA. A few years ago, she selected, translated and published The Season of Delicate Hunger anthology, with poems by 32 contemporary Bulgarian authors, thus introducing the talent and creativity of Bulgarian poets to the English-speaking readers. Katerina writes and translates to and from Bulgarian and English, teaches creative writing courses and participates in poetry readings across Europe and the USA. 

Here is what Katerina Stoykova told BTA's Zlatna Kostova a day before the presentation of American Delicacies:

Question: How would you describe your latest poetry book? What is it about? Can you label it, in terms of subject matter? Who will relate to it?

Answer: American Delicacies is a book about loneliness in its various forms, spaces and configurations, about giving up and running away, about complexities of relationships. Quite a few of the poems deal with immigration, though I’m hoping that the experiences and emotions encoded in the poems reach beyond the boundaries of the immigration experience. 
Q: What are your feelings before the launch of the book? Your expectations? Do you have stage fright? 

A: First, I feel tremendous gratitude towards anyone who has been supportive of my work. My publisher, the team that worked to make the book a reality, reader enthusiasm and anticipation. I have felt more joyful this time around compared to other book launches. Most prepublication anxieties have been dealt with, it seems.

Of course I have some anxiety mixed with the excitement, but I have a sentence I repeat to myself before doing anything that scares me. It rhymes in Bulgarian, but here it is in English: If I am frightened, that means it’s worth it. 

My hopes and expectations are for the book to reach its readers and to become a part of the contemporary literary conversation happening in Bulgaria right now. Since I live mostly in the United States, it is important for me to be able to participate in this way. 

Q: What is the highest award for an author?

A: Whenever someone I do not know personally reads my book and recommends it to someone else I do not know personally. In such cases the book has reached beyond my network and travels on its own power and merit. 

Q: What fate do you think awaits your book?

A: I wouldn't know, though my hopes are that American Delicacies is able to establish an emotional connection with its readers and that many will be able to find relatable experiences. 

Q: And what professional plans do you have? Thinking of a next book? A new translation? A follow-up anthology, perhaps?

A: Completing a book in Bulgarian always inspires me to follow up with a book in English. Working with the Bulgarian text helps me see more potential in the English one, as well as gives me fresh ideas. So, that’s what I plan to do next.




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