site.btaShip Collision, Oil Spill Simulations Played Out during Exercise near Danube River

Ship Collision, Oil Spill Simulations Played Out during Exercise near Danube River
Ship Collision, Oil Spill Simulations Played Out during Exercise near Danube River
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A simulation of a collision between two ships and a response to an oil spill in the Danube River was played out on Wednesday as part of the joint exercise Danube 2024. Representatives of more than ten institutions took part. The exercise was organized under the leadership of Regional Governor Dragomir Draganov in the water area of the Port Terminal Ruse-West. A simulation of an evacuation of an injured person in need of medical assistance also took place. 

"Given the military actions in Ukraine, a large part of fuels are transported along the Danube River. We are doing the exercise to prevent possible future incidents and to have the experience, to learn from the mistakes that can be made to limit pollution of the river. We have engaged all institutions, including companies from Varna, which specialize in these operations and can provide assistance," said Draganov. 

Captain Kamen Ivanov, head of the Emergency and Rescue Activity for the Danube River region, explained that the simulation was of a serious spill, which, fortunately, has not happened in the river yet. "This does not mean that we should not be proactive and simulate these types of incidents," he commented, noting that in the case of smaller incidents which do happen once every two or three months and involve ship collisions  but no spills, the institutions react immediately. 
Ivanov explained that at the river information services (RIS) centre in Ruse there are people on duty 24 hours a day, and in the event of any incident with a ship, within minutes after the captain gives a signal, inform the institutions so that they can analyzing it and take appropriate actions.

Captain Ivanov also indicated that the last incident between ships in the Bulgarian part of the Danube River was on the night of March 8, 2024.

"In the same place where we are doing the simulation today, two ships collided in the dark. Fortunately, there was no spill. One ship was carrying fertilizer and the other - oil. There was no spill, as the ships are also protected, they have double sides, double bottoms. By law, not every ship can carry fuel," explained the Captain. 
He added that the accident caused a breach in one of the ships. Within minutes, information about the situation was disseminated to the competent authorities. Teams have reached the ship, and the necessary measures were taken to prevent the vessel from sinking. 

Captain Ivanov also said that the investigation into the incident is ongoing.




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