Bulgaria has a new government: Reactions

site.btaGERB Leader Points Out New Government Came into Being Despite Obstacles

GERB Leader Points Out New Government Came into Being Despite Obstacles
GERB Leader Points Out New Government Came into Being Despite Obstacles
Boyko Borissov speaks to the media (BTA photo)

GERB party leader Boyko Borissov said on Tuesday that Bulgaria's new regular government was elected despite a number of hurdles. It was GERB's coalition with the UDF that sealed the deal with Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) for the Denkov government which was voted into office by the National Assembly earlier in the day.

Commenting to journalists in the Assembly lobby, the former prime minister stated: "I said we would not be influenced by any blackmailing from the outside, we would not be influenced by those [discrediting] recordings, we would not be influenced by anything - and we would have a regular government. We kept saying the same thing all along, and we did it earlier today."

Borissov further reasoned: "What is democracy? It is political parties running in elections, winners being named, the people putting the parties in a certain order, and the most stable configuration emerging in the shape of a government of the top two forces supported by other parties."

Asked to comment on President Rumen Radev's criticism that GERB-UDF and CC-DB betrayed the trust of their voters, Borissov said the President is supposed to unite the nation. According to Borissov, the alliance between the top two political forces, supported by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms for a constitutional reform, was the only viable option.

He said: "I have been listening to my colleagues in the other parties, I just did not want to argue with them too much, because we called ourselves partners until very recently, and if Mrs Ninova had not pulled out, there would have been a government under the first mandate. Even the ministers had been agreed on. I will say no more."




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