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GERB-UDF, CC-DB Propose Rotational Government on Second Mandate
GERB-UDF, CC-DB Propose Rotational Government on Second Mandate
Gabriel (left) and Denkov (BTA Photo)

Speaking at a joint news conference, held by GERB-UDF prime minister designate Mariya Gabriel and Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria's nominee for the post of prime minister, Nikolay Denkov, Denkov said that, after receiving the second-government-forming mandate, Continue the Change will propose a government on a rotational basis. 

Denkov will serve as prime minister first for nine months, and Gabriel will be deputy prime minister and foreign minister, then Gabriel will take over as prime minister for the next nine months, if the proposed rotational government is formed.

The future government's horizon will be 18 months and it will seek a constitutional majority. 

CC-DB will propose a government that can implement a constitutional reform, fulfill all requirements related to the country's full membership in the EU, and implement a comprehensive judicial reform. The government will have a clear legislative program, Denkov stressed, adding that if it is followed, he will resign as prime minister.

"She is the person who can help realize the priorities in our governance program," said Denkov about Gabriel..

The second mandate will be a national one," said Gabriel on her part, adding that it will be used to form a stable government, around which a constitutional majority can be formed. 

According to a declaration, issued by GERB-UDF, their parliamentary group will support the government, which will be based on certain principles. 

At the end of each nine-month period, the prime minister will resign and their deputy will be elected to replace them by Parliament. 

The government will implement the agreed-upon legislative and governance programs, will prepare and adopt constitutional amendments in dialogue with all parliamentary groups, including changes to the Supreme Judicial Council's and the prosecuting magistracy's structure. 

The document also provides for the creation of a mechanism for preliminary coordination between the parliamentary groups of the nominations to head regulatory bodies, elected by Parliament, in view of guaranteeing the best possible selections of highly professional individuals with high morals. 

Gabriel explained that the document needs to be supported by the two parliamentary groups, while hers and Denkov's task in the coming days will be to convince them that this is the right approach.

GERB-UDF's parliamentary group has 69 MPs, while CC-DB have 64, giving them a majority in the 240-seat Bulgarian Parliament. 

Gabriel thanked the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, BSP for Bulgaria, There Is Such a People, with whom talks were held. 







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