site.btaPM Designate Gabriel Meets with There Is Such a People Leadership

PM Designate Gabriel Meets with There Is Such a People Leadership
PM Designate Gabriel Meets with There Is Such a People Leadership
Meeting between GERB-UDF's PM designate Mariya Gabriel and There Is Such a People leadership, May 15, 2023 (BTA Photo)

We will not support a new state budget that envisions reckless spending, obliging the Bulgarians, therefore we will not support such type of government. said There is Such a People (TISP) floor leader Toshko Yordanov during a Monday meeting with GERB-UDF's nomination for Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel. 

He pointed out that TISP and BSP have disagreements on the budget and GERB-UDF have an extremely difficult task to talk with the socialists about the issue. "We are right-thinking. There must be a clear programme in the financial plan in order to be together in a government with them [BSP]," Yordanov stressed.

"When it comes to the state budget, we are aware that there has to be a government," Gabriel underlined. "We have a commitment not to cut social payments," she added.

At the beginning of the meeting she also proposed to TISP an expert government with a clear timeline of one year, because such time is enough "to see results and to show that the formula works and can be a good basis."

Gabriel believes that the members of her cabinet should be known for their expertise and lead the institutions entrusted to them objectively, with a clear vision,.  

Yordanov acknowledged the need for a regular cabinet, and for ministers to be experts in the areas they will head, but at the same time stated that it is also very important what agenda they will implement. "We have always said that there should be experts in the executive, not political persons, leaders," Yordanov underlined.

Gabriel confirmed that they are looking for broad support. She expressed belief that if there is dialogue and openness, these are prerequisites for public support around clearly outlined priorities.

"We are the smallest political party and the mathematics of forming a government works out without us," said Yordanov. "We can give support without ideological commitments to any political party in this parliament as long as the proposals and the direction of development are right," he stated. "So don't consider us as unconditional support, you don't have support yet and as far as economy and finance are concerned, you are facing tough talks," the TISP floor leader added. He added that both BSP and Continue the Change are much more left-oriented. "We will not support reckless spending of the state budget because the result of that will be terrible," Yordanov pointed out.







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