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GERB-UDF's PM Designate Meets BSP for Bulgaria Leadership
GERB-UDF's PM Designate Meets BSP for Bulgaria Leadership
GERB-UDF Floor Leader Desislava Atanasova (left), GERB-UDF's PM Designate Mariya Gabriel and GERB Leader Borissov (BTA Photo)

GERB-UDF's nominee for prime minister Mariya Gabriel discussed the possible governmental format with BSP for Bulgaria representatives in the West Hall of the National Assembly on Monday. The talks were attended by GERB leader Boyko Borissov and BSP leader Korneliya Ninova.

Ninova did not rule out the possibility that her party would support Gabriel's draft cabinet, but said the BSP is not willing to compromise when it comes to supplying weapons to Ukraine. She was adamant that "if this government decides to supply weapons to Ukraine, we are withdrawing right away."

Ninova also highlighted the issue of the state budget and whether Gabriel's draft cabinet can balance it without fixating on the task of joining the eurozone. The Istanbul Convention issue was also discussed. "There is absolutely no hint for a change in the Constitution in the direction of adopting the Istanbul Convention," Gabriel replied to Ninova's question.

In the beginning of her statement, Ninova addressed directly Borissov that GERB's approach was wrong from the very beginning. "I see that now there is some correction, a purely party prime minister and programme should not have been proposed," she explained. The BSP leader stressed that the decision whether to participate in a "national government, not in a GERB government and not in a coalition with GERB," will be taken by the party members. She added that they will try to convene a National Council on Tuesday. 

Gabriel pointed out that she was proposing an expert government with clearly outlined deadlines and priorities, which would implement procedures related mostly to the country's budget. Her draft cabinet would not be tied to coalitions, as each party should keep its identity, she added.

Mariya Gabriel will confer with the leadership of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms at 11:00 am and of There Is Such a People at 12:30 pm.







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