site.btaTurkyie Prepares for June 9 Vote, Focus Is on National Elections

Turkyie Prepares for June 9 Vote, Focus Is on National Elections
Turkyie Prepares for June 9 Vote, Focus Is on National Elections
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As in previous elections, voters in Turkiye are attracting attention due to the fact that most polling stations abroad for the June 9 early elections will be opened here, led by the megalopolis of Istanbul.

The main focus will be on the vote for a new National Assembly, as no interest in the European vote is expected due to the Electoral Code's requirement for residence qualification.

Voters in Turkey hold the first place in terms of electronic voting applications. According to CEC data, 23,537 voting applications were submitted from Turkey out of a total of 38,293 from abroad. This determines the large number of polling stations, which will be opened in more than 30 districts of the country.

“This predetermines the responsibility and the serious organization on behalf of the diplomatic missions on the territory of Turkiye for the normal conduct of the vote. We have experience in this regard, from the previous five votes since 2021,” said the Bulgarian Consul General in Istanbul Vasil Valchev especially for BTA.

"Some 99 polling stations will be opened in Istanbul and Bursa, out of a total 167 in Turkyie. In Istanbul there will be 51 polling stations, against 50 in the previous elections. In 33 of them voting will be done by machines. In Bursa, there will be 48 polling stations, two more than in the last election, of which 35 will be with machines," he explained. "For the elections of Bulgarian representatives to the European Parliament voting will only take place in the polling stations in the Consulate General in Istanbul and in the Consular Office in the city of Bursa. Preparations for the vote are proceeding normally, according to the rules and deadlines," Valchev added.

According to him, more than 100 people from the Foreign Ministry and the public administration have been sent from Bulgaria as members of the polling commission. Other seats are filled by representatives of political parties in Bulgaria and expatriate organizations.

According to political scientist Kader Ozlem, the motivation of Bulgarian Turks to vote in Sunday's vote is higher than before.

"We should mention that voters in Turkiye are aware of the importance of their vote for the situation in Bulgaria. Especially in places populated predominantly by people with dual citizenship, who are eligible to vote in the Bulgarian elections, there is now a higher motivation compared with previous elections," he told BTA.




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