site.btaBulgarian Aid Fuels Handicap Plus and Kriva Palanka Partnership

Bulgarian Aid Fuels Handicap Plus and Kriva Palanka Partnership
Bulgarian Aid Fuels Handicap Plus and Kriva Palanka Partnership
Snapshot from the event (BTA Photo)

The Municipal Council of Kriva Palanka and the local Council of People with Disabilities formalized a collaboration agreement on Wednesday. Funded by Bulgarian Development Aid, the agreement aims to make the Municipality's Rules of Procedure more accessible by providing them in sign language, audio, and Braille. This is part of the Accessible and Open Municipality project led by the Handicap Plus association, aiming to fulfil local government commitments under the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

Municipal Council Chairwoman Izabela Pavlovska stressed the need to address issues faced by people with disabilities, affirming their needs as a top priority.

The Bulgarian Development Aid has expressed satisfaction in supporting successful initiatives like the one in Kriva Palanka Municipality, which aids people with disabilities. This effort is seen as vital in North Macedonia's Europeanisation process. Bulgarian Ambassador to North Macedonia Angel Angelov pledged continued support for such purpose-driven projects.

Handicap Plus head Brankica Dimitrovska advocates for the differently-abled to understand local government rules and participate in discussions about their challenges. She aims for her municipality to pioneer this initiative, becoming the first in the Balkans to do so.

The municipality of Kriva Palanka, North Macedonia, has established its inaugural Council of People with Disabilities, comprising 15 members from various disability organizations and fields like legal governance, urban development, and environmental conservation. This is the second project funded by the Bulgarian Development Aid, under the Handicap Plus Association.




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