site.btaBulgarian Diplomats Pay Tribute to Colonel Boris Drangov

Bulgarian Diplomats Pay Tribute to Colonel Boris Drangov
Bulgarian Diplomats Pay Tribute to Colonel Boris Drangov
Colonel Boris Drangov's grave in Skopje (BTA Photo)

Representatives of Bulgaria’s diplomatic mission to North Macedonia and Bulgarian Cultural and Information Centre in Skopje paid tribute to Bulgarian colonel Boris Drangov by laying wreaths and flowers at his grave in Skopje.

Bulgaria’s Ambassador in North Macedonia, Angel Angelov, quoted colonel Drangov’s famous words: “Be an enthusiastic idealist, recklessly brave, fanatically in love with Bulgaria, and self-sacrificingly honest!”. Angelov recalled that Drangov was fearless at the Southern Macedonian front during the First World War, leading his men against the enemy, even though the Bulgarian side was significantly outnumbered.

Colonel Boris Drangov was born in Skopje in 1872. In 1891 he enrolled at the Military School in Sofia but during the Ilinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising he discharged himself from the army and along with other military officers went to Macedonia. He took part in the First Balkan War and the Second Balkan War. Drangov died after being severely wounded on May 26, 1917. His last words were: "Oh, how much more I wanted to serve Bulgaria". He was buried in Skopje.

Modern military science describes colonel Boris Drangov as Bulgaria’s first ever expert in military tactics and theory.




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