site.btaBalkan Wine Festival Kicks Off in June

Balkan Wine Festival Kicks Off in June
Balkan Wine Festival Kicks Off in June
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The 12th edition of BIWC will be held in Transylvania, Romania on June 1-3 under the auspices of Bistrita-Nasaud County, and the Balkan Wine Festival will be held again outdoors in front of Sofia’s NDK convention centre on June 15-17, the event organizers announced on Friday.

"The Balkans International Wine Competition is the best proof of how dynamic the wine scene in the Balkans is and how high the quality of wines from the region actually is. This important competition for the region has been growing over the last decade along with the development of wine production and the potential is still huge. In recent years, it has become the norm for wines that are first recognised at the BIWC to later receive recognition from much larger global competitions and become iconic," said BIWC Chairman Igor Lukovic.

Following the success of last year's 11th edition on the historic island of Salamina, Greece, the BIWC will continue the rotation of hosting the competition and this year Romania will host the 12th edition. The aim of the rotation is to better integrate wineries from all Balkan countries and better represent them in the region, in Europe and in the world.

The main mission of the Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival (BIWCF) is to promote Balkan wines and wine culture worldwide.

The best wine of the Balkans will be selected by a prestigious panel of 25 judges, which this year will include 5 winners of the title Master of Wine and Master Sommelier, from Japan, USA, UK, France, and Switzerland.




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