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Irish Politicians on Migration
Irish Politicians on Migration
Eddie McGuinness, Dublin City Councillor candidate of the Labour Party (Ireland) in Dublin, June 7, 2024 (BTA Photo)

The Irish people cast their votes for the local and European elections on Friday. The election campaigns saw two main topics being discussed: migration and the housing crisis.

Eddie McGuinness, candidate for Dublin City Councillor nominated by the Labour Party in Ireland, said in an interview for BTA that millions of his compatriots have migrated over the years in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Today, as his country enjoys a strong economy and a high standard of living, McGuinness believes it has a moral obligation to welcome refugees from around the world seeking a better future, just as his compatriots once found the prospect of a better life abroad. The Labour representative fears that traditionally left-leaning parties like Sinn Féin are succumbing to pressure from the right, making them more likely to support anti-migration policies.

One thing that McGuinness and Niall Boylan, an MEP candidate nominated by Independent Ireland, have in common is that both are sceptical of Sinn Féin. That, however, seems to be one of the few opinions that they share. The Irish Times notes that Boylan's campaign is attracting a growing number of voters who believe that migration into Ireland must end. Boylan himself wants a border down the Irish Sea – agreed by negotiation with Northern Ireland – and processing centres in all airports and seaports on the island. According to the MEP candidate, "What people want is a fair immigration system that’s enforced. If you are coming from a country where there is war, persecution, your life is in danger, we should be supporting you. If you are an economic migrant and taking advantage of our generosity, you should be deported." On his YouTube channel, Boylan proposes a three-step plan he wants to put in place: deterrence, detention and deportation.

The results of the local and European elections, which are expected to be announced in the coming week, can be interpreted as a kind of referendum where the Irish electorate says whether it is more inclined to agree with McGuinness's point of view on migration or with Boylan's.







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