June 9 parliamentary elections

site.btaTop-of-the-list Candidates: Targovishte

Top-of-the-list Candidates: Targovishte
Top-of-the-list Candidates: Targovishte
Downtown Targovishte (BTA Photo)

BTA will publish the names of the top-of-the-list candidates of every party for all constituencies for the June 9 parliamentary elections. The information about the candidates is provided by the respective party/coalition, the candidates themselves and other official sources of information.

A total of 31 parties and coalitions have registered for the June 9, 2024 national elections in Targovishte. The candidates total 143, according to the Constituency Election Commission.

The order follows the sequential numbers on the ballots, as drawn by the Central Election Commission:

  1. There Is Such a People: Tezdzhan Sabri. Born in 1980. Industrial management degree from University Prof. D-R Assen Zlatarov in Burgas. Regional coordinator for the party in Razgrad;
  2. Glas Naroden [People's Voice] Party: Aleksandar Demirev. Born in 1967. Graduated from the Medical University in Varna. Manager of an audio and video distribution company;
  3. Blue Bulgaria Coalition (nine parties: Conservative Alliance of the Right (KOD); Bulgarian Democratic Forum; Democratic Action Movement; National Movement for Stability and Upsurge; Bulgaria of the Citizens Movement; Conservative Bulgaria Party; Radical Democratic Party in Bulgaria; Bulgarian New Democracy Party; Agrarian People's Union): Hristo Radev. Born in 1969. Graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering in Targovishte. Has a construction company in the field of heating installations;
  4. We the Citizens Coalition (three parties: Bulgarian Spring; Competence, Responsibility and Truth (KOI); Bulgarian Workers'-Peasants' Party): Madlena Pencheva-Kircheva. Born in 1949. Master's degree in economics and organization of international tourism from Varna University. Degree in accounting and control from the University of National and World Economy. Former municipal councillor. Teaches accounting and control in a high school;
  5. No registered list of candidates;
  6. Bulgarian Voice Party: Dimitar Dimitrov. Born in 1952. Degree in chemical intelligence from the Military school in Lviv. Worked for the intelligence services with the Bulgarian People's Army;
  7. Rose Coalition (three parties: Bulgarian Social Democracy - EuroLeft; United Labour Bloc Bulgarian Labourists; Rodolyubie 2000): Silvia Georgieva. Bachelor's degree in marketing, advertising and communications from New Bulgarian University Law degree from St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo. Master in engineering from the Technical University. Worked as a lawyer for several companies, senior lawyer with the regional governor of Sofia Municipality;
  8. Centre Coalition (two parties: Svoboda [Freedom]; Bulgarian Agrarian Party): Tonika Koleva. Born in 1982. History degree from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Former municipal councillor in the Targovishte Municipal Council. Runs a travel agency landowner;
  9. Bulgarian Solidarity Coalition: Radmila Sapundzhieva. Born in 1971. Biology and geography degree from Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen. Worked in education;
  10. Edinenie [Unity] Party: Pavel Kostadinov. Born in 1981. Law degree from Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv. Lawyer;
  11. Bulgarian National Alliance (BNO) Party: Evelina Dimitrova;
  12. Vazrazhdane Party: Veselin Veshev. Born in 1970. Graduated from an agricultural technical school. Worked in in agriculture. Former municipal councillor in Varna. MP in 49th National Assembly;
  13. Morality, Unity, Honour (MECh) Party: Gergana Koleva. Born in 1973. Master's degree in agronomic engineering from Higher Agricultural Institute in Plovdiv, master's degree in financial management from Dimitar A. Tsenov Academy of Economics in Svishtov. Works as agronomist, farmer;
  14. Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria Coalition (four parties: Continue the Change; VOLT; Democrats for Strong Bulgaria; Yes, Bulgaria Movement): Ilina Moutafchieva. Born in 1991. Master's degree in international economic relations from University of National and World Economy. Works as licensed securities broker at the Financial Supervision Commission;
  15. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth People's Party: Ivan Marinov. Born in 1976. Degree from Law Faculty at Angel Kanchev University of Ruse. Member of the Ruse Bar Association;
  16. Bulgarian Rise Party: Sasho Evlogiev. Born in 1960. Graduated from the Rakovski National Defence College. PhD, assoc. prof. and professor in security and defence. Former deputy regional governor of Shumen;
  17. Civic Bloc Coalition (Radicals Bulgarian Democratic Union, Bulgarian Women's Party): Eshref Eshrefov. Born in 1985. Graduated from the University of Forestry in Sofia. Bachelor in forestry, master in forest management. Former deputy chair of the Omurtag Municipal Council. Mayor of Omurtag;
  18. Society for New Bulgaria Party: Emil Kanev;
  19. The Left! Coalition (ABV (Alternative for Bulgarian Revival), Movement 21, Green Party, Alexander Stamboliiski Agrarian Party, National Movement for Salvation of the Fatherland, Social Democrats Political Movement): Svetlozar Zlatev. Born in 1969. Degree in accounting and control from the University of Economics in Varna. Business owner in the field of tourism and agriculture;
  20. Party of the Greens: Hristo Dunchev. Degrees from the Varna Free University, Free University of Berlin, master's degree from the University of National and World Economy. Former ice hockey player with the national team. Hockey referee;
  21. Here We Come Party: Tsvetan Tsonev. Born in 1966. Finance degree from the University of Agribusiness and Rural Development, master in economic management. Worked in logistics and transport. Works in secondary raw materials, logging and consulting services;
  22. GERB-UDF Coalition (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) and Union of Democratic Forces (UDF)): Temenuzhka Petkova. Born in 1967. Master in accounting and control from the University of National and World Economy. Former director of the Public Financial Inspection Agency, former deputy finance minister, minister of energy. MP in six national assemblies;
  23. Bulgarian National Union New Democracy Party: Elena Vatashka;
  24. BSP for Bulgaria Coalition (Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP); Ecoglasnost Political Club; Trakia Political Club): Yordanka Georgieva. Born in 1979. Former deputy regional governor of Targovishte. MP in 49th National Assembly;
  25. Velichie [Grandeur] Party: Ilonka Ivanova. Born in 1971. Law degree, master in integrated management systems, master in international law and migration. Worked at the Dominican Republic's Ministry of finance, Bulgaria's Ministry of Interior;
  26. VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement Party: Evgeni Koev. Born in 1965. History and geography degree from St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo, management and marketing degree from the University of National and World Economy. Teacher at the Professional School of Tourism in Veliko Tarnovo;
  27. Direct Democracy Party: Evgeniy Tenev;
  28. Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Party: Dzheyhan Ibryamov. Born in 1977. Master in political management. Former deputy minister of investment planning. Deputy chair of the MRF. MP in seven national assemblies;
  29. Green Movement Party: Milen Stoyanov. Born in 1968. Degree in communication equipment from the Vasil Levski National Military University in Veliko Tarnovo. Works in agriculture;
  30. Party for Great Bulgaria: Andrey Vahovski. Born in 1960. Higher economic education. Works in tourism;
  31. Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy (BSDD): Nedelcho Nedelchev. Engineering degree from the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy in Sofia. Mayor of the village of Madara;
  32. Neutral Bulgaria Coalition (4 parties: Communist Party of Bulgaria; Bulgarian Communist Party; Party of Bulgarian Communists; Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland): Valentin Grigorov. Born in 1963. Graduated from the School for reserve officers. Worked at the Machine Repair Plant Khan Krum.




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