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Socialist Party Approves Platform for European Elections
Socialist Party Approves Platform for European Elections
BSP Chairperson Korneliya Ninova gives a news conference, Sofia, April 13, 2024 (BTA Photo)

Speaking after Saturday's regular meeting of the National Council, Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Korneliya Ninova said: "We approved our platform for the European Parliament elections. It was discussed by all BSP chapters, adopted at conferences, and finally at the National Council meeting. Six principles and ten topics underpin the platform."

Ninova said equality of the EU Member States in all respects - equal rights and responsibilities and equal treatment - is one of the principles set out for the European elections. The Bulgarian national interest must come first. Other principles include reducing and simplifying European regulations.

The ten topics include fighting unemployment, poverty and social exclusion; worthy incomes and full respect for the employee' rights. The BSP also advocates a European Health Strategy which will "deal with the shortage of medical staff, guarantee affordable medicines and support public health". A new economic model "based on new technologies, re-industrialization of the European Union" is another priority. Full accession to the Schengen free-travel area and the return of illegal migrants to their countries of origin are other priorities listed by Ninova.

Asked if Parliament's Deputy Chair Kristian Vigenin will top the list for the European elections, Ninova said he had received many nominations. The BSP will nominate people with public experience, authority and integrity, higher education and expertise in various professional fields, communication skills, social sensitivity and willingness to work in a team. The National Council will work on the candidates list on April 27.

Ninova also said the BSP will invite more than 25 left-wing parties and more than 20 like-minded NGOs on May 1 to discuss a modern left-wing policy and a common alternative to the status quo.







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