site.btaEconomy Ministry Is Elaborating Development Strategy for Plovdiv International Fair

Economy Ministry Is Elaborating Development Strategy for Plovdiv International Fair
Economy Ministry Is Elaborating Development Strategy for Plovdiv International Fair
Minister Bogdan Bogdanov speaking before Plovdiv City Council (BTA Photo)

The Ministry of Economy and Industry is elaborating a strategy for the development of Plovdiv International Fair, Minister Bogdan Bogdanov announced Thursday, presenting the Ministry's vision at a session of the Plovdiv City Council. We have to make sure that with joint efforts the Plovdiv International Fair will continue to exist, whether in the form of a public-state partnership, fully state-owned or fully private, the minister.

A case is currently pending before the Sofia City Court over the ownership of 29% of Varna Municipality's shares in the Fair, which the administration refuses to return to the state. In the meantime, the Plovdiv Appellate Court confirmed the suspension of the entry of the in-kind contribution of Plovdiv Fair shares by Varna Municipality to Puldin Turinvest AD. It is important for us that the Plovdiv Fair continues to operate and as long as there is no dialogue between the various shareholders, this will not happen, the minister said. In his words, the Ministry of Economy has been an observer over the years and now the state must step into its role "because the development of such an asset is linked to key priorities of the state". 

Plovdiv Fair should expand its international presence by building international partnerships, Bogdanov believes. Part of the proposals of the team in the ministry, which is responsible for the strategy, are to attract the World Economic Forum, organise annual conferences on technology, build an exhibition museum, online events and platforms, organise festivals. According to the minister, Plovdiv and the region have attracted over BGN 3 billion in investments in the last 15-20 years alone. Bogdanov pointed out that these companies should have their own podium, like the Fair, on which to build key partnerships.

The Minister plans a discussion with the Municipality of Varna at the earliest opportunity. We insist that the shares be returned, which decision the Municipal Council has passed but has failed to implement, Bogdanov added.

The Minister also commented on the situation with the flooded area on the southern Black Sea coast, pointing out that the state is doing everything possible and all institutions are working in full sync to ensure the safety of the people. The levels of rivers and dams are being monitored. Additional funds are being allocated for assistance and in addition to the BGN 1,512, there will also be BGN 2,500 to be provided to those most affected, the minister added.




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