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The Weather on June 2
The Weather on June 2
Vidin, on the Danube (BTA Photo)

Mostly sunny. Cumulonimbus clouds in the afternoon with brief showers in the western parts of the country. Mild east-southeasterly wind. Highs: between 24C and 29C, around 24C in Sofia.

The mountains: Mostly sunny. Cumulonimbus clouds and heavy rain in some areas of Western Bulgaria. Mild to moderate east-southeasterly wind. Highs: 18C at 1,200 m, 12C at 2,000 m.

The coast: Mostly sunny. Mild to moderate southeasterly wind. Highs: 23C to 25C. Seawater temperature: 21C to 22C. Sea waves: 1 to 2 degrees Douglas.

Source: National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology




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