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site.btaDay 65: Members of Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition Answer Students' Questions

Bulgarian Antarctic scientists answered questions by students from Veliko Tarnovo, north-cetral Bulgaria, in a video link with the help of the BTA correspondent on the Antarctic island of Livingston, Konstantin Karagyozov.

At the beginning of 2023, fifth-graders from a school in Veliko Tarnovo took on the role of geographic reporters, following the voyage of the Bulgarian naval research vessel Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii. The students also read regularly Konstantin Karagyozov's daily dispatches in Bulgaria-Antarctica BTA's log - and questions cropped up over time. Encouraged by their geography teacher, they sent a letter to the BTA, in which they asked their questions about the life of the explorers during the ship voyage and at the base, whether they work out, what is the ship crew's diet, etc. The children also asked about the researchers' interaction with penguins, what minerals are on the icy continent, whether soil could be shipped from Bulgaria to Antarctica and many more.

Just in time for March 1, video answers to their questions arrived at the school from the Bulgarian Antarctic expedition on Livingston. "The children were looking forward to this day. It was a holiday for them," said their teacher Zornitsa Kancheva.

The pupils received detailed answers to each of the questions, illustrated with a video and an address from the members of the Bulgarian expedition.

BTA's correspondent Konstantin Karagyozov promised the children that he would meet them personally as soon as he is back home and tell them all about the voyage and life at the Antarctic base.




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