site.btaBosilegrad Hosts Delicious Fish Soup Cooking Contest

Bosilegrad Hosts Delicious Fish Soup Cooking Contest
Bosilegrad Hosts Delicious Fish Soup Cooking Contest
Cooking the fish soup... (BTA Photo)

A competition for the preparation of the most delicious fish soup was held Sunday for the second time in the courtyard of the Georgi Dimitrov Primary School in Bosilegrad on the sidelines of the Bosilegrad Area Sings and Dances International Folk Fest.

The event attracted many contestants and locals, the head of the local River Trout Fishing Society, Dalibor Petrov, said. Seven teams took part in the contest - three from Bosilegrad, three from Vladicin Han and one from the village of Zitoradja. The contestants used seven species of fish, including trout, catfish, pike, Prussian carp, carp, barbel and bream.

The team from Vladicin Han, Turbo Service Cvetkovic, outclassed the rest, with Eco-Bos from Bosilegrad ranking second and another team from there, Women's Voice, coming third.

"The best fish soup is made with three kinds of fish – carp, bream and perch," said Petar Stosic of the winning team.

Jelena Mijatovic of the second-ranked team, said that she thinks the competition is a good example for the development of culinary tourism included, adding that Bosilegrad residents can satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes of lovers of quality and healthy food with their original specialties. 

All participants in the competition received T-shirts and promotional materials of the event, and the winners were awarded with trophies, certificates of appreciation and soup cauldrons.

The competition was organized jointly by the Municipality of Bosilegrad, the River Trout Fishing Society from Bosilegrad and the Eco-Boss Association for Ecology and Environmental Protection.







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