Dr Petko Ginev, NAVAL RSV 421: We’ll Be Back Safe and Sound

“We’ll all reach Livingston Island and be back safe and sound,” says optimistically Senior Lieutenant Petko Ginev, who is the crew physician on board the military research vessel Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii. Outside the expedition to Livingston Island, Dr Ginev works at the trauma department of the Military Medical Academy in Sofia.

The infirmary, where the doctor treats the crew is small, but is supplied with the necessary equipment. Due to the lack of a storage area, Dr Ginev is using makeshift boxes for quick access to various medical supplies such as syringes, bandages, braces and etc. On hand is a ventilator and a monitor/defibrillator for monitoring the vital signs.

Dr Ginev has inventorized several cabinets with medicines, making access easies for his successors on board the ship.

With the exception of a respiratory infection at the beginning of the voyage, the majority of complaints are related to various traumas, caused by the rocking of the ship. “Commonplace situations, where crew members bump into railings and stumble over the stairs and from time to time someone is affected by seasickness but there are pills which help,” says the doctor with a smile and a belief that the crew will return safe and sound to Bulgaria after the expedition to the Antarctic.

BTA's Daily News editor Konstantin Karagyozov is the only member of the media who is travelling on board the ship to Livingston Island and back, and will cover the Bulgarian expedition on site throughout the stay in Antarctica.

All media outlets can use the Bulgaria-Antarctica BTA's Log for free.

By 10:48 on 28.02.2024 Today`s news

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